Lifting Facial

Get intensely oxygenated and energized skin.

Tone your facial muscles, smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce muscle tension, stimulate lymphatic drainage, create a lifting effect and rejuvenate your skin with our exclusive 1-session protocol combined with a seaweed-based peel-off treatment to give your skin the vitality it needs.

Our exclusive protocol for all skin types and ages

consists of a manual facial yoga technique for gentle and rhythmic stimulation of your facial muscles and tissues to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation, combined with a revitalizing treatment that contains high content of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, peptides and soothing. It also provides a purifying, regenerating, sebum regulating, detoxifying and mattifying effect.

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Revitalize your face

It is ideal for all skin types, for any age and time of the year.

No disability required

Renew yourself from the inside out


1 single session that you can have whenever you want.

visible results

You will love the feel and results of your facelift.

Obtén ahora un descuento especial Lo quiero ya OXIGENA Y REVITALIZA TU ROSTRO Lo quiero ya

What our patients think of:


Daniel Muñoz
"This massage was amazing and the gold mask left my skin soft and beautiful."
28 years
Luciana Ramírez
"I consider that taking care of our face is important to look and feel good, self-care is a gift of self-love.
41 years

frequent questions

Don't be left in doubt

1 session that you can do as many times as you want

1 hour approximately.

You will be able to see results at the beginning, during and after the treatment.

For people who want:

Moisturize and revitalize your skin
Detoxify and mattify your skin
decrease measures
Reduce expression lines
Relax your facial muscles
Balance your oily skin

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Ayuda a reducir la inflamación y mejorar la retención de líquidos Reduce el estrés general relajando tus músculos. Ayuda con el drenaje linfático.


Terapia de estimulación para el antienvejecimiento, regeneración de la piel y producción de colágeno en el rostro.


Aporta luminosidad. Perfecto para una piel más natural, fresca y suave sin necesidad de maquillaje. Ayuda a dormir mejor gracias a sus componentes fríos. Mejora la circulación.

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