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Me realicé una depilación en bikini súper cómoda

Compared to other hair removal methods our diode laser provides a longer lasting and more satisfactory treatment.

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Cómo remover un tatuaje sin fallar en el intento

Gerardo was able to remove 2 wings he had on his neck without damaging his skin thanks to our treatmentHARMONY LASER.

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Me encanta mi tratamiento

I am having two treatments at Céu, one to remove my tattoos and another to improve the scars that I had covered up with these tattoos.

I had an excellent experience!

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Mi embarazo en mi corazón, no en mi cuerpo

Isabela tells you how the HARMONY LASER CICATRICES improved her safety when treating a scar left by her C-section.

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Natalia Restrepo

I loved the Céu experience! I am happy with my LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

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Paula Andrea Bravo​

She was the happy winner of our YOUR DREAMED TREATMENT sweepstakes, our COOLTECH was performed to “improve a chubby” that would not come off with anything and she loved it.

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Jean Pierre Salazar

He wanted to reduce localized fat on his hips and visited us for COOLTECH, our cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells. He was super excited with the results and complemented his treatment with CARBOXYTHERAPY AND PRESSOTHERAPY to continue reducing measurements.

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Sandy Ramírez

With EIGHT SESSIONS  of LASER HARMONY TATTOOES I managed to remove a tattoo that I no longer liked and that I hid for a long time out of insecurity.

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Katherine Castañeda

You don’t have to go to surgery to reduce your localized fat. I was afraid to approach liposuction and at COOLTECH I really found what I needed to reduce it.

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Maria Camila Giraldo

I felt my body swollen but I have regained my confidence since I had my SLIM BODY .

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Laura Enciso

These two supplements have really helped me decrease my abdominal fat REDUMAX and SLIM BODY and improve the sagging of my skin.

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Isabella López

I am having LASER HAIR REMOVAL  on my bikini, I have had 3 sessions and I am happy with the results since the first session.

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Isabel Galvis

After my two pregnancies my skin has improved a lot with SLIM BODY,
I am also having other treatments such as peeling to improve the appearance of my skin and the results have been wonderful.

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Vanessa Almanza

I am successfully erasing a tattoo I never liked with the  LASERHARMONY. I have had an excellent experience with Céu Te Cuida..

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Laura Isabel Vásquez

I finished my BIKINI LASER HAIR REMOVAL sessions at Céu de los Molinos. I recommend it for people who maybe have a little bit sensitive skin like me. 

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