Treats flaccidity and lack of hydration.

Profhilo is an intelligent hyaluronic acid that performs a bioremodeling of your skin. It acts directly on the 3 layers of your skin; Epidermis – Dermis and Hypodermis, thus tightening your skin, smoothing fine lines and rejuvenating your face.

Rejuvenates, reshapes, reconstructs and hydrates.

The application of Profhilo restores the natural hyaluronic acid of your skin, which has been lost as a result of the passage of time. Its effects go from the inside out, nourishing your skin so that it regains its firmness and becomes smooth again.It regenerates collagen, which also has the function of providing elasticity and firmness to the skin tissues;

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Regenerates collagen and the appearance of your skin.

restores the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin

Benefits of PROHFILO

Deep rehydration of your skin

Reduction of superficial lines on the skin of the treated area

Restructures the treated area

Toning your skin

Restore radiance to your face

Stimulates collagen and elastin

Obtén ahora un descuento especial Lo quiero ya Mantén tu piel hidratada, tersa y radiante Lo quiero ya

PROHFILO in action

See the results

What our patients think of:


Esperanza Muñoz
"It is an excellent injectable, I had already used it, at Céu I felt super safe with the doctor who performed the procedure."
43 years
Patricia Naranjo
"I used it to treat the sagging of my hands, their appearance has improved significantly."
58 years

frequent questions

Don't be left in doubt

2 SESSIONS one month apart, followed by a maintenance treatment at six months.

It is a hyaluronic acid used to rejuvenate, reshape, rebuild, and hydrate the skin on your face, neck, décolletage, and hands.

For people who want:

  • Revitalize your skin tone and glow
  • Improve the hydration of your skin
  • Give greater firmness and elasticity to your skin
  • Prevent premature aging

The effects are evident from two weeks after the application, but the stimulation of collagen and tissue regeneration can take up to 6 weeks.

Two applications are needed one month apart. After this, maintenance is carried out 6 months later, which depends on the initial state of the skin at the beginning of the treatment.

You may experience a soft sensation of light pinpricks.

  • People who have implants, biopolymers or fillers in their face
  • People who are pregnant or lactating
  • People who have an autoimmune disease
  • People who have muscular dystrophy
  • People who have or had cancer
  • You should not expose the treated area to the sun directly.
  • You should also not take aspirin, anticoagulants or anti-inflammatory drugs 8 days before the session to avoid bruising.
  • You should not exercise on the same day of the application or 1 week later.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 3 days.

It is recommended to use before your Slim face application for best results.

You can also supplement with botox 2 weeks after profhilo application

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