Treat alopecia or baldness on your head, eyebrows and beard.

It is a safe and advanced hair micrografting procedure to treat alopecia or baldness on the head, eyebrows and beard, achieving a very natural look.

We use the hybrid F.U.E. technique.

In our procedure we use the hybrid FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which combines devices called implanters and the sapphire technique. It consists of the most advanced hair transplant that exists to treat alopecia by extracting each follicle from a specific area (donor) to implant them in the area to be treated (recipient).

Microchannels are opened in the scalp to transplant the grafts carefully one by one into the open channels. This technique makes it possible to achieve a very natural look, as the direction of hair growth is planned.

Since the application is done through sapphire tips, the channels close quickly and the grafts are strongly adhered.

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Step by step

Restore your head, beard and eyebrow hairs



Treats androgenetic alopecia

Stimulates hair growth on head, eyebrows and beard.

Activates follicular cell growth factor

Improves the vitality of your hair

What is included


*Appraisal appointment

*Capillary laser

*Serum therapy

*Hair implant

*Capillary plasma


*Post-implant wash

*Medical check-up sessions

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HAIR IMPLANT in action

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What our patients think of:


Emiliano Díaz
With the hair implant I was able to improve the alopecia that was tormenting me, I feel more confident with the results.
40 years
Mateo Ramírez
I am happy with the results I got on my beard. I recommend hair implants to people who want to get their hair back.
31 years

frequent questions

Don't be left in doubt

First we must determine your degree of alopecia to establish the number of follicles you need and the way to distribute them.

Depending on the area to be treated:

For capillary implants in the head: 6 capialr laser sessions, 6 serum therapy sessions, 1 implant session, 1 post-implant wash on days 3 and 8, 3 capillary plasma sessions and medical check-ups.

For beard hair implants: 3 hair laser sessions, 3 serum therapy sessions, 1 implant session, 1 post-implant wash on days 3 and 8, 3 capillary plasma sessions and medical check-ups.

For capillary implant in eyebrows: 3 capialr laser sessions, 3 serum therapy sessions, 1 implant session, 1 post-implant wash on days 3 and 8, 3 capillary plasma sessions and medical controls.

It is ideal for people who want

get your hair back
treat alopecia
Stimulate the growth of your eyebrows
Stimulate the growth of your beard

  • People with scarce donor area
  • People with active autoimmune diseases
  • People with HIV de Novo
  • People with infections and diseases of the scalp
  • People with herpetic lesions
  • People who consume Ginkgo Biloba, vitamin E.
  • People with thrombocytopenia
  • People with new-onset metabolic diseases (Diabetes, hypothyroidism)
  • Pregnant people
  • People with active cancer

The initial result can be seen in the patient after 6 months and the final result after a year. During the first 3 months the patient will not notice changes due to the shock loss phase, which consists of a loss of grafted hair and is a natural reaction of the scalp, which is completely normal and necessary within the treatment.

Early care (first day of surgery to 2 weeks after)

Moisten the receptor area with 0.9% saline solution every 15 minutes, except during sleep.
You must heal the donor area 24 hours after the procedure.
Your first wash will be on the third postoperative day in the recipient area and then continue 3 times a day until the first 8 days.
Sleep supine (face up) with a donut pillow.
Do not touch the receiving area.
Do not engage in sexual activity, physical activity, or activities that involve increasing your heart rate.
Do not shower directly in the receiving area.
Do not wear caps, hoods, etc.
Do not consume coffee and drugs for 48 hours after the procedure.
Do not drink liquor for 8 days after the procedure.
Follow the post-operative formula (antibiotics, prophylactics,
analgesics and anti-inflammatories).

Late care (from 1 to 3 months)

Do not enter swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, Turks or chambers of
I tan, or receive direct sun for 3 months. Don’t wear a motorcycle helmet for a month.
You must use neutral PH shampoo for the first month.
Do not use waxes, gels or gels for a month in the receiving area.
Do not cut or dye the hair implanted in the recipient area for 3 months.
Continue the capillary controller treatment.

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